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AWS S3 Game

S3Game is the great way to learn something new about Amazon S3, check your knowledge, and have fun :)


Let’s Play: Made by Vasily Pantyukhin

Level 1:” aws s3 sync s3://s3game-level1 ./
aws s3 sync


Level 2:

aws s3 cp s3://s3game-level2/treasure2 ./
aws s3 cp

Level 3:

aws s3api head-object –bucket s3game-level3 –key treasure3_has_no_secret_code

Level 4:

aws s3api get-object-tagging –bucket s3game-level4-k73045aztqln –key treasure4_also_has_no_secret_code

Level 5:

aws s3api get-object –bucket s3game-level5-8v95e5rv7z4i \
–key treasure5_is_deleted \
–version-id 344PQOyFqocF0TI66MbLynNNdQqHfBz3 ./treasure5_is_deleted

Level 6:

aws s3api select-object-content –bucket s3game-level6-vjv45x1gux81 \
–key s3select.csv.gz \
–expression “SELECT s.Answer FROM s3object s WHERE Category = ‘TREASURE'” \
–expression-type ‘SQL’ \
–input-serialization ‘{“CSV”: {“FileHeaderInfo”: “USE”, “FieldDelimiter”: “;”}, “CompressionType”: “GZIP”}’ \
–output-serialization ‘{“CSV”: {}}’ “treasure6”

Level 7:

aws s3api get-object –bucket s3game-level7-zhovpo4j8588 –key somethingstrange treasure7

Level 8:

aws s3api list-objects –bucket s3game-level8-v6g8tp7ra2ld

Level 9:

curl ‘’ –refer ‘http://s3game.treasure’

Level 10:

aws s3api list-objects –bucket s3game-level10-gac6tf83erp6 –query ‘Contents[?StorageClass == `STANDARD_IA`]’

Level 11:

aws s3 cp –sse-c ‘AES256’ –sse-c-key ‘UkXp2s5v8y/B?E(H+MbPeShVmYq3t6w9’ ‘s3://s3game-level11-djq30a807iyq/treasure11_encryption’ .