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Альтернативные команды в Linux

Полезные альтернативы для привычных команд:

htop вместо top

# yum install htop
# apt-get install htop


ncdu вместо du

# yum install ncdu
# apt-get install ncdu


pydf вместо df

# yum install pydf
# apt-get install pydf


Легкий менеджер файлов в Deian

# apt-get install vfu


DNS tool которая предоставит информацию о вашем домене dt

# ./dt-linux64 bezha.od.ua
NS                    |IP             |LOC |ASN     |ISP            |rtt         |Serial     |DNSSEC   |ValidFrom |ValidUntil
ns2.hostinghutor.com. | |DE  |AS24940 |HETZNER-AS, DE |88.754983ms |2013013018 |disabled |          |
ns1.hostinghutor.com. |   |DE  |AS24940 |HETZNER-AS, DE |89.049294ms |2013013018 |disabled |          |

bezha.od.ua.    3600    IN      NS      ns1.hostinghutor.com.
bezha.od.ua.    3600    IN      NS      ns2.hostinghutor.com.
bezha.od.ua.    3600    IN      SOA     ns1.hostinghutor.com. support.hostinghutor.com. 2013013018 10800 3600 604800 86400
bezha.od.ua.    3600    IN      TXT     "v=spf1 ip4: a mx ~all"

         FAIL: Validation failed. No DNSKEY found for bezha.od.ua. on
         OK  : NS of all nameservers are identical
         OK  : Multiple nameservers found
         OK  : Your nameservers are in different subnets.
         WARN: Nameservers are all on the same AS (AS24940). This is a single point of failure.
         WARN: No IPv6 nameservers found. IPv6-only users will have problems.
         OK  : All nameservers are authoritative.
         OK  : All nameservers report they are not allowing recursive queries.
         OK  : Your nameservers are also listed as NS at the parent nameservers
         OK  : Your parent nameservers are also listed as NS at your nameservers
         OK  : No CNAMEs found for your NS records
         WARN: no glue records found for [] in NS of parent od.ua.
         OK  : glue records found for all nameservers in NS record of bezha.od.ua.
         OK  : SOA of all nameservers are identical
         OK  : Serial format appears to be in the recommended format of YYYYMMDDnn.
         OK  : MNAME ns1.hostinghutor.com. is listed at the parent servers.
         OK  : Your nameservers have public / routable addresses.
         OK  : MX of all nameservers are identical
         WARN: Only 1 MX record found. Extra records increases reliability
         OK  : Your MX records have public / routable addresses.
         OK  : Your MX records resolve to different ips.
         OK  : No CNAMEs found for your MX records
         OK  : All MX records have reverse PTR records
         OK  : Found a www record
         OK  : Found a root record
         OK  : Didn't find a CNAME for the root record
         OK  : Your www record has a public / routable address.
         WARN: No DMARC records found. Along with DKIM and SPF, DMARC helps prevent spam from your domain.
         OK  : SPF records found.
         OK  : SPF records set up restrictively.